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Here are all the winners from the 2016 Wheeler Mission Drumstick Dash!

  • Largest Team – Tiger Running Club (218 people)
  • Top Fundraiser – Bethany Nelson, Team Susan – $4,700 raised to help the homeless! (see fundraisers)
  • First Place Male – Tom Anderson 21:29 (4.5 miles)
  • First Place Female – Rosie Edwards 25:11 (4.5 miles)
  • Turkey Catcher – Conor Smith

Tip Tuesdays

St. Vincent and St. Vincent Sports Performance want to help you run a great Drumstick Dash!

While some believe an athlete’s peak performance is limited, others dream of new ways to expand the boundaries of what the human body can achieve. At St. Vincent Sports Performance, this is not a dream, but a reality. The athletes we serve live this dream daily, reaching new heights of strength, agility, balance, endurance and speed.

Drumstick Dash will be posting great tips from St. Vincent Sports Performance every Tuesday in October and November in the following three categories.


  1. Carbohydrates and protein in the morning are keys to starting the day off right.
  2. Steer clear of cleanses or detoxes. Your liver already takes care of both of those!
  3. Gluten-free doesn’t always mean healthy. Watch what you eat.
  4. No time for breakfast? Hard-boil some eggs on Sunday night, and you’ll have a good and fast protein source ready to go every morning that week.
  5. Veggies are great, but steam them instead of fry them to retain the nutrients.
  6. Protein and carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram and fats have 9 per gram.
  7. Some fats are healthy like poly and mono unsaturated fats, but others like saturated and trans fats aren’t, so stay away from those.



  1. Caffeine can help you perform at your peak, both mentally and physically, but be wary of what else you consume (i.e. sugar) with it.
  2. Soda is packed with sugar and calories, making it a poor choice for hydration.
  3. It sounds simple and it is – water is the best way to hydrate.
  4. Put a bottle of water on your nightstand or desk to remind yourself to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  5. Find a teammate or colleague and make them your water drinking buddy; keep each other motivated to hydrate!
  6. Infuse your water with fruit or flavor drops to change up the flavor, but keep it healthy.
  7. Drink BEFORE you’re thirsty. By the time thirst hits you, your body is in desperate need of water.


  1. Low-fat chocolate milk is a tasty way to recover after a work out!
  2. Your recovery meals should have at least two grams of carbs for every gram of protein.
  3. Listen to your body. If you’re hurt or sore, it’s OK to rest.
  4. Pack or prep your post-workout meal before you start so it’s ready to go when you need it.
  5. Perform some light stretching after a workout to help cool your body down.
  6. Pack a granola or protein bar in your gym bag, so you’re never caught without recovery food.
  7. Sweat tests can tell you how much you sweat and what nutrients you’re losing.

Injured? St. Vincent can help!

Injured from physical activity or organized sports?

Injuries happen and most don’t need ER care. St. Vincent Sports Performance clinics are available for anyone. See us today and get back out there!

Saturday Clinics

WHERE: St. Vincent Sports Performance (SVSP) Clay Terrace and Fishers locations

WHEN: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

*Weekday Walk-In Clinics

WHERE: All Three SVSP Physician locations (Fishers, Clay Terrace and Northwest)

WHEN: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

*Walk-in clinics are for acute injuries ONLY. Chronic issues should schedule an appointment: call us at 317-415-5795.