2018 Ambassadors

Amy Wihebrink

My name is Amy.
• God has blessed me with a great family which includes my amazing husband Sam and my 2 kids Maddie and Cameron which truly are the best part of me.
• We live in the Historic District of Anderson Indiana and we Love it there.
• I also have two fur babies named Rizzo and Ernie Banks. Go cubs!
• I have had the honor of assisting women in giving birth as a Labor and delivery nurse at St Vincent for 12 years!
• My favorite hobbies include; reading, running, hiking, and traveling.
• This is the 8th year for me to run the Drumstick Dash. I’m so honored to be chosen as an ambassador this year.

April Brandon

I am a Dash Ambassador because I’ve discovered that I love to run. I broke my leg last year and have missed it terribly. I’m just starting to run again and would love to share my story. My favorite Drumstick Dash memory is running with my husband in the rain and getting to the finish to realize that we locked our keys in the car.

Christina Reynolds Grisby

Hello! I’m Christina Grisby, a wife to one and a mom to three adult children and 1 furbaby, Dexter the Dachshund. I started running in 2006 and have since completed over 55 half marathons, 4 full marathons, and too many other races of varying distances to count, many of these with my husband, also a runner. I found the local running groups, Circle City Runners and Ladies Running Indy, and I’m the Indianapolis local chapter leader of the national group, Moms Run This Town. I am excited to be a part of the Drumstick Dash Ambassador group for the second year in a row. I hope that you’ll join us on Thanksgiving Day and “move your feet so that others can eat.”

Dylan Brown

My name is Dylan Brown
I study exercise science, psychology with concentrations in exercise physiology and athletic training and I hope to be working with professional athletes for the US team! I run cross country and track for the university of Indianapolis as well as run the sustainability club there as well. I enjoy adventures with friends, traveling, running, playing video games, and hanging out with friends. My future dream is to travel the world with the US Olympic team and eventually settle down with my significant other and travel the world with them as well!

Jennifer Haynes

Hello, my name is Jenny. I have one son, he is 18 and attends Franklin College. I’ve been a nurse for over 20 years and just finished my Masters in May of 2017. Running has truly changed my life. My running career started in May of 2013 when I made the decision to lose weight. In the quest to lose weight, I found my love for running. By August that year, I realized that I had the potential to run half marathon. It was my resolution and strong-will to get healthy, quit smoking and sign up for a half marathon. Since that time, I have run about 25 half marathons and 7 full marathons. I am registered to run the Chicago and New York City Marathons in the fall of 2018. Running is my time to connect with others. I look forward to running with you all during the Drumstick Dash (an annual favorite)!

Jennifer Hudon-Terrell

I decided to be a Drumstick Dash Volunteer because I would like to continue spreading the word on this fun fitness race that supports the community. Just attended orientation and have started with Back on my Feet. Enjoy being out in the running / walking community meeting like-minded people and sharing fitness goals. I love the mascot, Dash. He is so energetic…just makes everyone smile! Last year I walked with friends & their kids in a stroller that had never done the Dash. Always great to see the families and groups of friends that show up for this race.

Jim Patton

My name is Jim Patton. My wife, Jennifer, and I have two daughters, Brooklyn, a school teacher at Oaklandon Elementary in Lawrence and Chelsea, a graduate student studying Occupational Therapy at Indiana State. I am a graduate of Carmel High School, go Greyhounds, and we live in Carmel today. I am an Account Executive at GP Strategies Corporation.

I didn’t start running consistently until 2010. Since starting, I have completed four marathons and over 20 half-marathons. I will be running the Chicago Marathon in October and raising money for Back on My Feet, another organization that does great work in helping homeless men and women in Indianapolis. I’m also serving as the President of the Carmel Runners Club.

About seven years ago, I challenged my daughters and my seven nieces and nephews to run or walk the Dash with me. I told them that I would pay the registration fee for whoever signed up. Seven of the youngsters took me up on the offer and it has now become a Patton Family tradition! Last year, my dad, wife, daughters, brother-in-law, cousins and numerous nephews joined me. That is what I love most about the Drumstick Dash. The opportunity to serve and help others as a family and a reminder to be thankful for the many blessings in my life.

John Lummis

I am a Drumstick Dash Ambassador because since my stroke, I have enjoyed walking and promoting a healthy living. Some of my favorite memories from the Dash include starting up front with the superheroes in 2017 and the community in which we walk through.

Kevin Kotansky

I have run in 11 Drumstick Dashes, helping Wheeler Mission to take care of our community’s homeless. I love to help because I want to promote both the value of Wheeler Mission to this city and to promote one of the most family-friendly run/walks in Indianapolis, The Drumstick Dash. Some of my favorite Drumstick Dash memories include seeing how many families walk together, seeing how many city leaders value the Drumstick Dash, and watching the event grow!

Lori Sprinkle

I am a Drumstick Dash Ambassador because I want to spread the word about what a great event and organization this is. Some of my favorite Dash memories include volunteering my first year with my three kids and then two years later running it with two of my kids and my brother.

Melissa Freeman

Hello! I’m Melissa and I am excited to be a 2018 Drumstick Dash Ambassador! I live in Fountain Square and am a law student at Robert H. McKinney School of Law. I began running after I started law school about two years ago, and have been hooked ever since. I’ve ran ten half marathons, numerous 10Ks and 5Ks, and I’ll be running my first full marathon this October in Chicago! I love giving back to the community and the Drumstick Dash is an exciting opportunity to support Wheeler Mission.

Melissa Purpura

I am an ambassador because I believe that calling attention to the mission of homelessness in Indianapolis is of great importance. The Drumstick Dash is a great way to do that. It is really a kickoff to a season of giving and hope and joy and I would love to be an ambassador to help spread that mission. I remember the first year I moved to Indy and participated in the Drumstick Dash and was just overjoyed with the number of people who came out to help support the cause. Everyone was so friendly and the entire course felt like 20,000 family members together on Thanksgiving. I also remember one year running in the snow and it was a perfect start to the holiday season.

Molly Shover

Molly Shover is an English teacher at Lebanon High School. As an avid runner, she is a member of Personal Best Training, Team Shorts, and Indy Runners. Molly and her husband, Ben, live on the northwest side of Indianapolis with their two boys (ages 3 and 5). The Drumstick Dash has been a part of their family Thanksgiving tradition for the past five years. She said, “I love passing my family’s cheer spot and even having my oldest join in with me to run to the finish.”

Nancy Ferguson

I’m a Drumstick Dash Ambassador because I love Wheeler Mission and what it stands for. I want to spread the word about this great organization. I am surprised how many people don’t know about Wheeler Missions or the drumstick dash when I talk about it or wear my race shirt! I want to encourage others to support Wheeler Missions not only during the holidays but all year long! I want to educate the students at my elementary school (where I work) about Wheeler Mission and about giving. I love running this race with my daughter, Kayla. It has become a tradition for the two of us. Our favorite race, was running when there were snow flurries. My second favorite memory is seeing the firefighters in their gear running. They are heroes in every sense of the word as are military and police officers. They can never be thanked enough.

Nicole Herthel-Frye

I am a Drumstick Dash Ambassador because I love the mission of Wheeler, I have seen the impact your organization has had on our community! I’m a U.S. Marine Veteran, Mother of 2 & a recovered Homeless Addict. I love reaching out to people and helping others! Never ran the Drumstick Dash… YET!

Phil Shults

I decided to be a Drumstick Dash Ambassador because it is a fun opportunity to encourage others to run/get healthy and excellent event to be around 20,000 people. My favorite memory is finishing with an 8 min mile my first year and finishing in the top 10% since.

Shannen Priser

My name is Shannen Priser and I am unbelievable honored to be selected as a Drumstick Dash Ambassador for the 2nd Year! My wife Jennifer and three children, Natalie (14), Landry (11), and Kael (9) live just north of Broad Ripple in Indianapolis. I work for Amazon in Whitestown Indiana and love being an Amazonian!

The thing I love most about the Drumstick Dash is how many people we are able to help in just one day by the wonderful people that live not only in the Indianapolis area, but the people who come home to Indy to visit their families for Thanksgiving and kickoff that wonderful family day by running, jogging, or walking together to make give to others.

I am co-leader of our Church’s Running Club- Tiger Running Club, I am also a member of the PBT (Personal Best Running Club), and also the Head Coach of Christ the King School Cross Country team for 2nd through 8th graders.
Currently in training for my 12th Full Marathon- Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC in late October and my 35th Half Marathon on November 3rd at the Monumental Half Marathon.

So excited to be a big part of the Drumstick Dash again this year and cannot wait to get started talking about this wonderful event with my co-workers, my running clubs and of course the community.

Sharon Rohl

I am a Drumstick Dash Ambassador because I love to volunteer and I think it is an amazing experience. I have participated in the Dash for 5 years and my favorite memory is the turkey.

Taylor Bohlman

Name: Taylor Bohlman
Where I’m From: Northeast side of Indy, Lawrence
Family: I’m only 20, so no kids yet, but have 1 sister that lives with my parents, and 2 dogs.
Profession: Student at University of Indianapolis, and a tour guide on campus, but in the future I plan to be a physical therapist
Favorite about the Drumstick Dash: The volunteer community almost feels like a family. Even during my first time volunteering, everyone was so nice and friendly.
Fun facts: I run cross country and track at the University of Indianapolis. I love tie-dying. I also like to bike, play frisbee, and play soccer for extra exercise.

Timmy Howard

I started running September of last year with Back On My Feet Indianapolis. I was homeless for 6 years and found them and they really helped to pull me out and teach me a new life. I’ve developed a very large connection with the running community and am currently a managing at Blue Mile in Broad Ripple. I would love to connect more and represent the Drumstick Dash and all the amazing work Wheeler does. This year was my first year so I’m looking forward to seeing the spectacle, all the amazing runners, and how much is given back to the homeless community.